Art classes

Carol Hayward Fell runs a vibrant art class for adults at “CarolartStudio”, from her colourful home in Durban North.

Carol loves interacting with people and specialises in teaching adults to draw and paint in a relaxed and colourful, happy environment with upbeat music and pets. She has a Fine Arts Degree from UKZN Pmb and a university education diploma. She started art teaching at Danville High School and then went on to the Natal Technikon (now DUT), where she was a lecturer in the Ceramics Dept for 6 years, before raising a family, making art and teaching from home.

She teaches adult students of all ages, ranging from complete beginners, to more experienced painters, who sell their work. All levels are in the one class and each work at their own pace, on totally different work. It is an ART GROUP, NOT a course – (where everyone does the same thing and finishes at the same time). Therefore, you may join at any time during the year or term, if there is a space. The art group comprises both men and women working on their drawings and paintings at different stage; some have been coming for over 16 years!

If you join as beginner drawing, you will be given specific exercises, often referring to drawings of animals, people, including nudes etc.  You will be introduced to the drawings of famous artists; Matisse, Picasso, Rembrandt and others, with varying subject matter and encouraged to replicate these – upside down! This technique is based on Betty Edwards book : “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.

Some younger students wanting to gain entrance into tertiary institutions have joined in the past and have put together an impressive portfolios of drawings and subsequently gained acceptance to Fine Art in UCT etc..

Carol currently only teaches one class group on a Tuesdays from 9 am until 1 pm. Each class has a 30-minute tea break on the veranda overlooking the sea, with tea, coffee and snacks. (Occasionally champagne on a birthday!)

Carol focuses on teaching all her new students to draw well. Each newcomer will start the art course when they arrive and progress at their own speed and rate of progress. Art students are strongly encouraged to develop their own style and subject matter. Copying images of other artists’ work found on the internet is strongly discouraged. The aim is to teach students to paint like proper artists, not copyists.

Carol regularly encourages students to submit their work to exhibitions and many join up to participate in local exhibitions at La Lucia Mall with the North Coast Art Group. Every December Carol hosts an end-of-year party and an awards ceremony for her classes. Many of her ex-students have gone on to become practicing artists in their own right.

Prospective students are welcome to pop in, to do a short studio visit during class hours, before committing. Please phone to make this arrangement by calling 0836806754 and also to chat a bit, in order that your expectations are met. Animals are an important part of the home, so you need to be comfortable with both dogs and cats please. The conversations can get a bit animated at times, accompanied by racause laughter, so please be warned if you are easily offended. This is not school, we are a mixed lot of people, all trying to survive living in this dysfunctional country and we can be a bit crazy at times!